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How it all started...

Born in post-revolutionary Iran, where the position and aspect of music was completely transformed due to fundamentalist and religious ideologies. Music career has started at a very early age in primary school, having to sing religious songs and Quran for school morning or special events! migrating to U.A.E shortly after 4th grade, a new era of my music career began. expanding music work from school events to a new home studio and not having to fear to create or simply listen to music!
Despite parent’s resistance for continuing further with music, they have finally shown support by purchasing more instruments and dedicating an office to be transformed to a mini recording studio! Listening and practising with every musical instrument available, the talent and passion for music was proven to family and friends. It wasn’t long after when paid clients have signed up record deals with the newly formed “Oxygen Records Dubai”.
Soon after, a job proposal as sound engineer and composer, from a Persian TV “FARSI1” broadcasting in U.A.E. was offered and then was honoured to accept the head of sound for other TV channels within the media group.

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